Property Maintenance

A logical “next step” in the process of preserving the value of an asset is establishing an on-going, individualized maintenance plan for the property. Following an initial inspection and benchmarking, NREFSI determines the services that will be performed and the frequency in order to preserve the value of the property while adhering to budgetary constraint established by the client. Some of the services offered are lawn maintenance, pool maintenance and snow removal, in addition to cleaning services on an on-going basis or in preparation for a sale. These include wipe down, vacuum, sweep, or mop all floors, countertops, walls, etc., clean all ceiling fans, windows, window sills, and mini-blinds, clean interior & exterior of all appliances. Also available on a recurring schedule as requested by a client is vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing bowls and basins, and wiping down all surfaces. Before and after photo documentation of all services is provided online along with a written report.